16 Jan


Anyone can experience hemorrhoid particularly to those who are dealing with constipation and women going through pregnancy. It's been said that people who are suffering from hemorrhoids have a chance to have higher than normal resting muscle tone in the surrounding region.

While there are still no option or cure that shown to cure hemorrhoids, there are at least treatments that could help. As you encounter symptoms of hemorrhoids, it is crucial that you immediately consult your doctor. After all, it is never recommended to treat it on your own with common cures as it can negatively affect your health. Fortunately there are natural remedies for hemorrhoids that are known today which you can safely try.

Number 1. Increase your intake of fiber - as soon as you notice or suspect that you have hemorrhoid, immediately increase your fiber consumption. Believe it or not, fiber can mollify your stool and in the process, build mass to reduce staining on toil. Dark leafy foods, entire selection of grains and beans are all food products that are high in fiber which is a great place to start. The moment that you started increasing fiber consumption, it will gradually and steadily abstain your bloating and gas.

It is smart that you consume around 25 to 30 grams of fiber per day and see to it that you follow it up by drinking lots of water or else, it can worsen the condition. Here are some more readings for you: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternative_medicine.

Number 2. Introduce bioflavonoids into your diet - citrusy organic products similar to lemons and oranges are great sources of bioflavinoids. Bioflavonoids is deemed to balance and fortify blood vessels and veins while lessening irritation in the process; truth is there have been clinical tests carried out showing that it decreases agony, inflammation as well as irritation especially among tremendous hemorrhoids flare-ups.

Hesperidin and alternate citrus bioflavonoids go hand in hand with other solutions like circulatory strain pharmaceutical, depressants, anti coagulants and anti platelets making it more crucial to consult your doctor like Tush M.D. or your medical provider before using.

Number 3. Witch hazel creams - this medication is created by making use of leaves and bark of plant called as witch hazel. It is not orally taken rather, it's directly applied to the hemorrhoid topically because witch hazel is more of a refined balm, cured agents, pack or fluid.

According to experts, witch hazel is known to reduce the draining of hemorrhoids by going about as astringent. Similarly, it also helps in eliminating tingling, inflammation and swelling that's associated to it.

With these 3 natural treatments available, you should always try keeping your activity to the bare minimum until the time that sensitivity and swelling has subsided. On the other hand, the affected veins must have constant blood flow which can be achieved by exercising. Read more about this here.

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